2018 Mission Trips

EEMN English Bible Camps

•    Fun & Interactive

•    Highly Relational

•    Teach Conversational English

•    Focused on the Gospel!

Much like an American style VBS, our English Bible Camps, offer a fun and interactive way for children to encounter the Gospel. If you speak English and love Jesus, we encourage you to join us! Several of our camps have developed an adult Bible study for teachers, parents, grandparents and friends of the children attending our English camps.
We have also responded to requests for teenage camps designed to reach youth that have aged out of the traditional Bible camp model. Our overseas partners in ministry see language camps as an invaluable tool within their own ministries and as a vehicle for networking churches; both in their own countries as well as with North American churches.

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The 2018 Application season is now open!

Download your fillable PDF application (below) fill it out

and send it in to reserve your place on an EEMN team!

ALUMNI Application Packet