Our History

Founded in autumn of 1992

Don Richman-teaching

Founded in autumn of 1992, by Pastor Don Richman, East European Missions Network (EEMN) was born during the wake of the fall of communism. As sweeping changes rippled throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the seeds of ministry sown years earlier by Pr. Richman sprang to life.


In the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the remnants of the Christian church began to try to adapt from rigid governmental control to their newfound freedom. Church leaders faced the overwhelming challenge of trying to rebuild the spiritual and moral foundation of Truth in an environment of limited resources and a culture influenced by over three generations of scientific atheism.


DSCF3127For a group of mission supporters in Minnesota, however, this was an open door of opportunity. In response to the Great Commission, EEMN was established. The idea was to educate American Christians to minister alongside their brothers and sisters in East European churches, thereby, seeking to rebuild and equip the Body of Christ in Eastern Europe and Russia by the Grace of the Word of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Through this concept of mutual fellowship in prayer and sharing of resources, the idea of the Network began to take root.


In 2004, Pastor Bill Moberly joined the EEMN staff as Director, where he built upon Pr. Richman’s original vision by expanding the scope of EEMN into an international network of ministry partnerships. His wife, Sally, served as Short-Term Missions Coordinator alongside Bill, and together also led short-term missions teams each year. After serving 11 years, Pr. Bill & Sally Moberly resigned their positions to pursue a ministry of equipping churches for strategic involvement in the Great Commission.

Pastor David Breidenbach joined the EEMN staff as Executive Director in March of 2015. Though, beginning in 2006, Pr. David and his wife, Angela, served as volunteer short-term mission team members, hosted fundraising opportunities, and led short-term summer missions teams with EEMN to several former Soviet Bloc nations. Both, David and Angela, are committed to continue the EEMN traditions of connecting ministry partners, equipping the saints, sending short-term and long-term missionaries, and helping develop sustainable ministries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.


DSCF0274As a sending agency, EEMN has placed career missionaries in Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, and Turkey. We also strive to equip indigenous church and lay leadership to serve as missionaries within their own culture. Each summer, short-term mission teams serve with these long-term missionaries and ministry partners. Additionally, Pastor Richman, Pastor Breidenbach and EEMN National Field Coordinator, Pastor Bob Nordvall, along with other American Christian pastors and professors, sent by EEMN, teach and preach at conferences and conventions throughout the year all over the European continent and North America.


DSCF3322Today, EEMN continues to develop and connect international partnerships that produce a strong network of people, ministries, and resources between Eastern Europe and North American believers. We accomplish this through sending short and long-term missionaries, hosting English Bible schools and camps, equipping & mentoring leadership, seminary support, evangelism and prayer. This is how relationships are strengthened, disciples are made, and the Body of Christ is equipped for Kingdom building.



EEMN is currently serving in Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. 



From the historic fall of communism to the steady progress being made, the work of God in these nations is best described by the prophet Habakkuk:

IMG_3099“Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astoundedFor I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.”    (Habakkuk 1:5, ESV).

Out of the hard and rocky soil of atheistic communism, God has prepared a field ripe for harvest! To God be the glory! 

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